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returning back to india working professional IT and Non-IT

With some 16 million Indians living outside the country. India has the world largest Diaspora population. And the number of people who want to return back are increasing due to change in the respective country policies, few of them to want return because they want to get back to their roots and relive the culture & some others because their parents need medical attention etc., there could be many more reasons. The first and foremost thought of people who are relocating is what kind of Job that I can look for? Where are the best opportunities? How fast will they hire me? The best way to come back is to have a confirmed job in hand.

911 Recruit pledges to provide fortnightly Dashboard of opportunities across India and also help them build their CV.

We believe in celebrating "returning Back" in a big way ! And the best way to celebrate is with you and for you!

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"The land is always there... It is you who has to return”

Munia Khan Poet & Novelist

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