Diversity Hiring

In today’s world, diversity is not just a buzzword, it’s a necessity. Companies are realizing that having a diverse workforce not only creates a positive and inclusive work environment but also helps them stay competitive in the market. However, despite the progress made towards gender equality in the workplace, women still face challenges when it comes to finding and retaining jobs.
At 911 Recruit, we recognize the importance of building a bridge for women in the workforce. We understand that women may take a break from their careers for various reasons, such as raising a family or taking care of their health, but they still have a lot to offer in terms of talent and experience.

That’s why we are committed to helping women re-enter the workforce after a sabbatical or maternity leave. Our week-long event is designed to help women build their confidence, update their skills, and connect with potential employers. We work with our clients to ensure that they have a diverse talent pool and encourage them to implement women-friendly policies that benefit both their employees and customers.

We believe that celebrating the “return to corporate” is not just about finding a job, it’s about empowering women to take control of their careers and contribute to the growth of the organization. So, join us and let’s celebrate this journey together!

We need the three W’s – Women, Water & Well being

Muhtar A Kent CEO, Coca-Cola Company

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We believe in celebrating “return to corporate” in a big way! And the best way to celebrate is with you and for you!