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diversity hiring

Diversity is increasingly becoming the need of the hour. It helps organizations reduce costs, increase productivity, improve management quality and increase and maintain market share. Fewer women are likely to bail-out as companies become more women Friendly. Economy is changing from a manufacturing to a service and information based one which relies on brain power rather than muscle power. The market place is populated with diverse customers, who prefer to interact and transact with employees who think and look just like them. Women manager are better able to relate effectively to women in the client groups and create favourable image to potential clients. Organizations that are women-friendly may encourage such initiatives in their clients as well and serve as models and agents of organization change.

Companies are tweaking their hiring policies and have opened up more to women employees. Indian Start-up hired more women in 2017 as they aimed to lessen the colossal gender disparity. In the digital payment companies of its last 150 hires, 48 are women, with the ratio of women at the payment companies now near 25% including in the technology team. A recent study by Funderclub on Silicon Valley startups showed that companies such as Uber had 36% women in the workplace while Airbnb had 43%.

911 recruit pledges to focus on building a bridge for women. We will be running a weeklong event for women who are wanting to return to corporate after a brief sabbatical, or for those women who are wanting to get back to work post their maternity / celebrating motherhood or any other reasons that you may have had! Our clients are looking for talent pool.

We believe in celebrating "return to corporate" in a big way! And the best way to celebrate is with you and for you!

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We need the three W’s – Women, Water & Well being

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