Out Of The Job !!!

Out Of The Job !!!

out of the job

It has become a common trend in the 21st century for candidates been moved out of the job. The following are the reasons why candidates lose jobs

  • Due to Global economic recession where companies end up with lack of orders to generate sufficient profits to take care of “Standing costs”.
  • Cost-cutting is the accepted corporate mantra for today, many people down the line , in a “ please-the-boss” effort are simply cutting costs by cutting activities be in training, essential maintenance or even development ( Product or Market) work.
  • Workplace structure is moved from Industrial age to new age Digital era where corporate ladder has been replaced with corporate lattice, allowing free flowing ideas and career paths, hence companies have flattened out and losing several layers of management in favour of a more grid like structure where ideas flow along horizontal, vertical and diagonal paths.
  • Artificial intelligence: Automation has become increasingly prevalent, we are already experiencing in our day today activities like transferring money on a screen without going into a bank and idea of self-driving cars and computers that can talk to us. A study by the McKinsey Global Institute predicted that, by 2025, robots could jeopardize between 40m and 75m jobs worldwide. Larger companies and capital rich companies will start investing in automation where human capital is involved, hence this can lead to loss of jobs for many.
  • Human cloud: start-up and SMEs resorting to hiring freelancers is becoming more evident because of cost, Work on-demand, multi-skilled, easy to get and low risk. This has lead to not adding headcount to the organization.

Key Note : Aforesaid is from Macro Perspective only and there could be many more reasons.

911 Recruit has pledged to help candidates to re-align their technical and soft skills through career Counseling (on-line chat box), PEP talk & CV builder. We also help them find alternative job opportunities or freelancing until such time they plough back to mainstream.

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