Job - Migration Engineer

Skills : Kubernetes objects, Nagios

Location : Noida

Education : BE

Salary : 20 - 22 Lakhs

Experience : 7 - 10 Years

Job Description :

Basic/admin Linux knowledge

Any scripting is manadate Shell/Python to automate daily repetative tasks.

End-to-end CI/CD process (Build and release)- Installation, Cofiguration, Integration and Implementation

Any source code management like GIT,SVN,CVS

CI tools - Jenkins, Setup of Jenkins server, Integration of other tools like git,mvn, ansible,docker,k8s with Jenkins

Fair knowledge on creating CI CD pipeline to automate Build and deployment process using jenkins pipeline

Configuration management tool like Ansible – Ansible modules, roles, facts, loops, ad-hoc commands, writing playbooks to configure server.

container technology like Docker – Writing dockerfile to create image, Docker commands, Docker hub

Orchestration tool like Kubernetes – Kubernetes objects, Writing yaml for deployments, services, pods, Replicaset, Creating and monitoring k8s clusters

Monitoring the infrastructure using Nagios or any other monitoring tools.

It would be better if they have worked on migration project like infra migration from on-premises to cloud, or cvs/svn to git migration

Good to have build tools like Maven,ant ,gradle,make



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