Job - Engineering Manager (Scrum Master)

Skills : Software Design, Java 8, AWS Cloud, Docker, ElasticSearch, SaaS / PaaS

Location : Bangalore

Education : B.E

Salary : 18 - 22 Lakhs

Experience : 10 - 12 Years

Job Description :

Role:Engineering Manager (Scrum Master)

A. Responsibilities

·        Fulfilthe role of the Scrum Master leading Scrum Team through the Agile/Scrum processin the delivery of critical, customer facing, software development projects toproduction system

·        ImplementsAgile/Scrum practices to facilitate the incremental and adaptive delivery ofsoftware products within the scrum team

·        Responsiblefor planning, executing, monitoring and controlling(schedule and scope)

·        Identifiesand manages the risks associated with projects to achieve project success

·        Usesbusiness and technical knowledge to implement solutions to impediments, keepingprojects on track

·        Worksclosely with other departments and partners to ensure on-time delivery ofcritical projects.

·        Responsiblefor project reporting at the team level

·        Driveimprovements in software development practices/processes within his/her teams

·        Drivesthe adoption of key engineering practices like Continuous Integration, TDD, BDDetc. to improve quality and reliability of team's deliverables.

·        Responsiblefor coaching and mentoring of Product Owners and Scrum Team members onAgile/Scrum/Lean principles and practices

·        Challengetechnical decisions, web services designs and provide inputs for improvement

·        Deliverqualified code (tested and documented)

·        Followquality development rules and recommendations (unitary test, module test, buildmanagement)

·        Followrelease process and support customer field issues based on priority

·        Facilitatecode review, sprint review and solution demo with key stakeholders

B. Minimum Skills Required

·        Bachelorsor Masters Degreein Computer Science or equivalent

·        Handson experience in Product Server side (In IPTV/Cable TV), architecture, designand requirement analysis.

·        Strongknowledge in the following technologies: Software Design, Java 8, AWS Cloud,Docker, ElasticSearch, SaaS / PaaS

·        Knowledgein the following technologies: RESTful framework (Spring / Dropwizard , RAML ,WADL),  NOSQL DB ( Mongo DB , Cassandra DB ), Jenkins Jobs, , ApacheCamel, Spring framework, ESB,SOA, JBoss, Openstack Cloud, Java 8, Linux shellprogramming, Fore Man UI, SOAP UI, Cucumber, Selenium

·        Knowledgeabout Agile techniques like: User Stories, Continuous Integration, TDD,BDD,Continuous Testing, etc.


C.  Preferred Skills

·        Priorexperience in large and complex product development

·        Priorexperience in Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI-CD)

·        Priorexperience of working in scrum team with key stakeholders like Product Ownerand Architects

·        Familiarwith Linux environment with shell scripting, rpm packages

·        Valueadd – experience in Java script , HTML 5 , Node JS, React JS


·        Morethan 12 years of experience in Java/JEE software development

·        4+years of experience as a SCRUM Master/Engineering Manager

·        Excellentability to understand architectural and technical aspects of projects.

·        Strongknowledge of SDLC principles and practices.

·        Exceptionalknowledge of Agile/Scrum/Lean principles and practices.

·        Curiousand proactive mindset with a high sense of ownership and commitment

·        Excellentcommunication and mentoring skills

·        Abilityto manage multiple projects simultaneously with a high degree of technical competency

·        Highlycustomer and business focussed

·        Readyto go extra-mile to achieve impressive results

·        TechnoSavvy up to datewith latest technologies

·        ACertified Scrum Master

·        Experienceof working with foreign teams is an asset



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