Job - Automation Expert

Skills : Devops, Open Source

Location : Noida

Education : BE

Salary : 14 - 20 Lakhs

Experience : 7 - 10 Years

Job Description :



Ansible automation, Automation,Providing Virtual machines using Ansible Automation, linux as well as Windows

VMWARE, python, shell, Configurationmanagement, Debugging skills in Linux, Windows, Jira, CI/CD jenkings


The team that we want tostrengthen is the Automation Squad. This team is responsible for developing andmaintaining automation products and solutions for other IT squads and end-users,like:


We are looking for a Automation expert withthe following characteristics:

• You are a technical, creative,analytical and open-minded hacker that is eager to learn and not afraid to takeinitiative.

• Your favorite t-shirt has“Linux” or “Open Source” printed on it at least once.

• You have great solution designskills which you use to explain planned and already developed solutions to avariety of stakeholders (business users, management and IT colleagues).

• DevOps mindset: You are a team-playerthat is eager to develop and maintain cool products to automate/optimizeprocesses in a complex IT infrastructure.

• T-shaped skillset: You arespecialized in one or more fields, but also are cross-skilled with broadexperience and knowledge to collaborate across disciplines with experts inother areas than your own.

• You have great Englishcommunication skills, both verbally as in writing.


Other competences we value, butare not strictly mandatory:

• Experience with agiledevelopment methods, like Scrum, and are convinced of its power to deliverproducts with immense (business) value.

• “Security” is your middle name,and you are always challenging yourself and your colleagues to design anddevelop new solutions as security tight as possible.

• Being a master in automation andorchestration with tools like Ansible Tower (or comparable), and feelcomfortable with developing new modules in Python.

• It would be awesome if you arealready a true Yoda when it comes to code version control and branchingstrategies with Git, and preferably have worked with GitLab before.

• Experience with automatedtesting in a CI/CDpipeline with Ansible, Python and tools like Selenium.

• Experienced in setting-up andadministering Jira environments for issue tracking and collaboration.

• An enthusiast on cloud platformslike AWS.

• An enthusiast on containersolutions like Docker andKubernetes.

• Experience with ServiceNowdevelopment.

• Experience withdashboarding and monitoring solutions like Splunk, Grafana and Prometheus



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